4 Elements Studio           

       730 Broadway                        

       Utica, NY 13502                        

Telephone: (315) 765-6923


Founder/Operator - Vartan Poghosian - vartan@4elementsonline.com

Community Relations- Danny Harrigan-dharrigan@4elementsonline.com


4 Elements Studio in Utica


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                 JOB OPPORTUNITIES 

                                                   Pottery Assistant 

4 Elements Studio is excited to announce that we are hiring and looking for local artistic talent.  We are offering part-time positions and a unique opportunity to bring art to the community by working with our partners such as RCIL, Kids Oneida, CABVI, and UCP.  Pottery / Ceramic experience is required.  We are looking for motivated, highly organized, and innovative community members to fill positions
​working with clay.  Interested applicants may contact Director Vartan Poghosian.